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OUr ServiceS

At Central Victoria Equine Dental Service we are committed to providing high quality dental care for all equines horses, ponies, donkeys. We specialise in equine dentistry and offer a range of dental services to ensure that your horse's teeth are in top condition.


Routine Services

Regular dental exams are essential for maintaining your horse's oral health.


Our team will perform a thorough exam to identify any potential issues and develop a treatment plan to keep your horse's teeth in top condition.


We offer routine treatment to help prevent dental problems before they occur.

Emergency And Special Dental Procedures

If your horse has an injury or problem we offer a range of options to help restore their teeth to their natural state and function.


Our team are here to help and will work with you as well as vets to determine the best plan for your horse. 



Good dental hygiene is important for horses of all ages. Our team will work with you to develop an individualised dental plan for your horse including recommendations for prevention, diet, nutrition and other dental care practices

Presentation and Group Treatments

Enquire today about our presentation options to your horse group or riding club

as well as group discount opportunities

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